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What type of church is Osceola Community Church?

Osceola Community Church is a family of believers committed to following Jesus Christ, according to the Scriptures. We seek to be renewed daily by the work of the Holy Spirit and to be empowered to live lives pleasing to God. We are evangelical and believe in reaching out through our words and acts of service through God's love. 

What is Service like?


​Our services typically last about 70 minutes.

  • The Service will begin with about 15 minutes of music led by a live band. The words of the songs will be projected onto large screens on either side of the altar. Many people will sing along, and you can too. You are welcome to participate in soaking into the worship, lifting your hands, or dancing as you feel comfortable. We use music as a way of expressing our love for God and appreciation for what he has done for us.

  • A member will lead a prayer on the microphone after the Worship for our service, missionaries, and other prayer requests.. We welcome our community members to share a word brought upon them by the Holy Spirit to share with the congregation after prayer. 

  • We will share announcements such as updates and events at this time before the Pastor teaches a lesson from the bible. We aim to help everyone understand the Bible and apply it to their lives. The teachings will be practical and challenging and hopefully will inspire you in your personal pursuit of God.

  • Worship will begin after the message has ended for a time of praising God and prayer over one another. We use this time to stay in the presence of God and encourage other believers.

  • After service, we invite everyone to stay and enjoy morning snacks and fellowship in the West Wing. This allows members and visitors to become friends instead of just acquaintances.

Service Time and Location

Osceola Community Church is located at 2492 Education Avenue.



10:00 AM

Our Church Building and Facilities


Osceola Community Church has parking spaces for wheelchairs to make sure everyone can attend services and events.. These parking spaces provide a designated area for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices to get in and out of their car or van.

Main Front Doors

Osceola Community Church's front doors into the commons.

Main Commons

In the Main Commons, there are seats, a kitchen, offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, and a play area..


Osceola Community Church's Sanctuary during worship on Sunday mornings.

West Wing

The West Wing of Osceola Community Church connects through the sanctuary and has separate doors leading to a sidewalk outside. We use the West Wing for hosting our kids on Sunday mornings. The West Wing includes a small kitchen area, bathrooms, space up front for speakers/worship and a cozy space with chairs, a couch, and fireplace.

Children's Nursery

You can find the Nursery at Osceola Community Church connected through the main commons and serving children ages 0-3. To ensure all children’s safety, a check-in area is available outside the nursery doors. The staff keeps all children in the nursery until a parent arrives to pick them up after the service.


Got A Question? Get Your Answer!

What should I wear?​

There is no dress code to attend Osceola Community Church. Some dress up, some dress down. You are free to come just as you are, so wear what feels best.

What about my kids?


Our Children's Ministry provides an amazing Sunday morning experience. This year, for family continuity, the same message is being taught to our children as what is being presented in the adult service. You can visit the check-in station, where our team will register your children and give them a name badge with a parent tag. During check-in time, you can let our team know about any special allergies or special needs. If we need to contact you during the service, your parent number will be displayed on the screens to the left and right of the stage. At the end of service, simply go to your child's classroom and pick up your child.

How can I connect with others?


The best way to connect is through one of our numerous Growth Groups. Groups meet once a week at various times and locations. Check out the website or info booth for more information about our current offerings. You can also mingle after service and chat with others who are in our commons area. Grab a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, and enjoy a great conversation!

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