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Children's Ministry

OCC's Children's Ministry is a well-organized and engaging experience designed to nurture the spiritual growth of children in a safe and supportive environment. The curriculum is thoughtfully developed to cater to different age groups, with interactive lessons that are both educational and entertaining. Volunteers are carefully screened and trained to ensure that every child receives attention and guidance. The program includes a mix of worship, Bible study, games, and activities that cater to various learning styles and interests.  OCC's Children's Ministry Sunday morning provides a valuable opportunity for children to develop their faith in an inclusive community setting.

Welcome Parents!

Parent's Guide

Welcome parents! We are thrilled to have you and your child join us at our church. It is important for you to be aware of a few key things when bringing your child to church.  Click the button below to learn everything from dropping off to picking up your child on Sunday mornings.

Kid's Curriculum

Every teaching series from Grow Kids comes with one parent email and weekly volunteer emails. You can access
these emails by visiting the web page for each series in your Grow Dashboard, or by clicking the links provided below.
Each button will take you to a Mailchimp email template that you can edit and send to your families or volunteers.

Our Children's Ministries

Little Treasures Nursery

The Birth-2 years old section of the Noah's Ark play area is a specialized area designed for infants and toddlers. Staffed from 9:50 am until the end of service, this dedicated space provides a safe and engaging environment for young children to explore and play. This area is equipped with toys, books, soft play structures, and other sensory materials. Parents can rest assured that their precious ones are in good hands as they participate in church activities knowing that their child is being cared for by compassionate volunteers.


Kingdom Kids

3 years-Kindergarten (right side of Noah’s Ark play area) Dismissed from sanctuary following announcements. Coats/shoes/boots may be kept in this room. This room has access to a fenced playground for outdoor play. This group offers age-appropriate teachings and activities aimed at nurturing young minds in a loving and faith-based environment. The Kingdom Kids curriculum focuses on teaching biblical stories, values, and principles through interactive play, arts and crafts, and storytelling. Experienced teachers and volunteers lead engaging lessons that help children develop a foundational understanding of Christianity while fostering a sense of community within the church. 

Truth Seekers

1st - 3rd grade (West Wing- through sanctuary)  Dismissed from sanctuary following announcements. Children are provided with a structured and engaging environment where they can explore their faith and values. The curriculum is designed to introduce young learners to key biblical concepts and stories in a developmentally appropriate way. Through interactive lessons, games, and activities, students are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and form their own understanding of spiritual truths. This group not only nurtures a child's spiritual growth but also fosters friendships and a sense of belonging within the church family.



4th-5th grade (Conference room near church main entrance) Dismissed from sanctuary following announcements. This Group offers a unique opportunity for young children to deepen their faith and connection to the church community. Held in the conference room near the main entrance, this program provides a safe space for children to engage in age-appropriate discussions, activities, and teachings that are designed to help them navigate their own spiritual journey. Led by experienced and dedicated volunteers, the Journey program strives to foster a sense of belonging and understanding within each child, encouraging them to explore their beliefs and grow in their faith. Through prayer, Bible study, and interactive lessons, children are equipped with the tools they need to develop a strong foundation of Christian values that will guide them throughout their lives. 

Meet Our Childrens Team

Church children's leaders play a vital role in nurturing the spiritual growth of young believers. If you are interested in learning more about our children's ministry programs and opportunities for involvement, please contact any of the following leaders.


Kim Woodworth


Jess Paulson

Truth Seekers

Marcia Carlson

Kingdom Kids

Shylo Olson

Little Treasures Nursery

Serieah Andrews

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