What type of church is Osceola community church?

We are a church reaching out to Osceola, Wisconsin, and the St. Croix Valley with God's love. However we are affiliated with the Assemblies of God Church and subscribe to their doctrines. 

When & Where are the services?

Osceola Community Church service is held on Sundays at 10AM at the Osceola campus at 2492 Education Avenue.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code to attend Osceola Community Church. Some dress up, some dress down. You are free to come just as you are, so wear what feels best.

What happens when I arrive?

When you arrive at OCC and enter the building, you will find yourself in our gathering area. There is a coat rack to the right as you walk in. Straight ahead you will see our children's ministry and nursery. To the right is our coffee and refreshment counter and behind that you will see doors to the sanctuary where church happens. 

You'll be greeted with a friendly smile from one of our greeters and handed a bulletin. You can check your children into our Children's Ministry program or Nursery. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or water and say hello! We love new people. There will be a 5 minute countdown to let you know service is about to start, so you can get a great seat before service begins. 

What is service like?

We always start our services with a time of passionate praise and worship. Once worship is over, we share a few announcements about what's happening at OCC through video and live communication. We then dismiss our children to go to their respective classes and go into our weekend message. As we are growing, our message is streamed via video on Facebook. Our services close a time to respond to God through worship and prayer. Communion is held the first Sunday of the month.

What about my kids?

Our Children's Ministry provides an amazing weekend experience at each service. Visit the check-in station, where our team will register your children and give them a name badge with a parent tag. During check-in time, you can let our team know about any special allergies or special needs. If we need to contact you during the service, your parent number will be displayed on the screens to the left and right of the stage. At the end of service, simply go to your child's classroom and pick up your child.

How can I connect with others?

The best way to connect is through one of our Growth Groups. Growth Groups meet once a week at various times and locations. Check out the website or info booth for more information about our Growth Groups. You can also mingle after service and chat with others who are in our commons area. Grab a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, and enjoy a great conversation.

What is BGMC?

BGMC stand for "Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge". The fourth Sunday of the month our children collect an offering of coins from the congregation. But it isn't just an offering, it is a competition to see if the girls or the boys will collect more. Currently the girls hold the title but you just never know! Be sure to bring extra change on the 4th Sunday of the month.