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Welcome to

A Church of Second Chances

Osceola Community Church

What's New at OCC?

Osceola Community Church has weekly and monthly events. For events and details, click the learn more button.

What You Should Know

Osceola Community Church is committed to following Jesus Christ, according to the Scriptures. We seek to be renewed daily by the work of the Holy Spirit and to be empowered to live our lives pleasing to God. 



Read. Discover. Connect.

So you've been saved. What's next? Jesus calls us to more. But what does growing look like at OCC?



Children. Youth. Young Adults.

Learning doesn't end when we become adults but it does begin when we are young. Find out what OCC has for the children and youth of the St Croix Valley.



Local. Domestic. Foreign.

Sometimes the best part of our life is what we do for someone else. Check out ways to reach out and see what OCC values most.



Leaders. Values. Truths.

We are all being shaped into the image of our Father. Find out what makes OCC tick and who has been called to lead not only in structure but also by example.
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